Thursday, 23 February 2012

"It's a Start"'s been a while since my last post. I tried writing a couple weeks ago but I could barely put a sentence together. These days it seems like it's really difficult to get inspired to write. Life is just too busy...especially with a 3 year old. I've always said if I had half the energy my daughter has, I would be a different person. It's funny how life changes as soon as you have kids. I used to consider myself to be a "night" was usually after midnight when all my creative juices started to flow and believe it or not that's when I would get a lot of work done. But now? As soon as 10:30pm rolls around, I'm ready for bed. It's kind of a mood killer when you're at a party yawning away. But it is what it is....

So...I decided, I need to start putting aside some time for myself to do the things I've always wanted do. Well for one thing...I would like to start adding posts more regularly. I've made up a list of things that I can talk about but I feel like that loses it's spontaneity. I'll just have to hope that once I get into the habit of blogging then I can get inspired to write more frequently.

I think this is all for tonight....I know it hasn't been the greatest post but at least it's a start.

Until next time..... :0)

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