Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bargain Hunting....Success Story!!!!

So.....I was shopping at one of my favorite malls in Woodbridge....for those of you who know "Vaughan Mills", I love that place!! Shopping for me has become very therapeutic. I shop when I'm happy; I shop when I'm sad, angry, upset, frustrated, stressed, bored, excited, hungry (nah!...just kidding with that last one). I've always loved shopping....I think I can almost call myself a shopaholic (yes the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem....however, I don't think I want this problem to go away).

Anyway.....so I was walking around, going into my usual stores (Suzy Shier, Limite, Le Chateau, Spring shoes....and others) when I stumbled across H&M. Now, I have to admit...I'm not a huge fan of H&M simply because the clothes tend to get a bit too trendy. OK OK....for a person who is so into fashion I know it sounds kind of weird. I like trendy clothes...don't get me wrong but I like to create my own style using a combination of different trends that are out there. I guess I can describe my style as classy chic meets vintage glamour...

Back to my story.....walking through H&M, I found a few things that caught my attention......and then there IT was. A gorgeous full length, deep V-necked, pastel peach with grey snake skin patterned dress. The first thought that crossed my mind was..."This would look absolutely perfect with the pair of grey snake print gladiator high heeled sandals I bought last summer". The decision was final.....I had to own that dress. I looked at the price tag...it said $70.00 (not bad right? oh but wait...here comes the great part). It had a red tag with a 50% off tag on it. I thought "Wooohoooooo.....this is perfect". I started searching through the racks for my size. But then I remembered......"I have a gift card at home from H&M that has been sitting on my dresser for over two years.......BINGO!!!!". This was great....I decided I would be back for the dress at the end of the week.

So......thinking about the dress for the next few days, i couldn't take it anymore. I called my sister up and decided we have to go to Vaughan Mills for that dress. I stuck the gift card in my purse and was out the door. Within 20 minutes or so I was at the mall, in H&M, looking through the racks for my size......"What!!! they don't have my size....this can't be"....I was almost so heartbroken when I looked over at the mannequin that was modeling my dress and I said to my sister..if IT was wearing my size then I would take that dress right off the mannequin in the middle of the store. I peeked at the tag and there it was.....So, I started unzipping the dress and then my sister told me to call over a sales rep to give me a hand. Long story short, after the sales rep was absolutely lazy about it and almost refused to take the dress off....I finally had it in my hands. I ran straight to the change room to try it on. IT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! I started to envision what my hair and make-up would look like. YUP, it was final....I put my clothes back on.....dress in hand.....huge smile on my face.....walked over to the cashier to pay for the dress. He rang it up.....discounted the 50% and oh so gladly I handed over my gift card.......so the grand total I owed him for my stunning dress was............................................$16.93

I got to tell you, I had such a rush paying for that dress. It was a successful sale :0) So, I'm sure you're wondering what this dress looks like right??....well unfortunately, you'll have to wait a little longer until I take a photo of it and upload it to my blog...I promise I will :0)

I guess that's the end of my success story. I dedicate this blog to all those shopaholics out there who love a good bargain.....yes, this one's for you :0)

Until next time................

As promised I have finally added a picture of my dress.......I know after months and months of waiting. Well, Here it is!!!!

Well....the picture itself isn't the greatest quality and doesn't do justice to the dress but at the moment it is the best I have. In case you're wondering, it's the long dress on the right :0)

Until next time :0)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Very First Blog

I just created my very first blog account. This is very exciting for me because I'm new to the blogging world. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Tamar and I am a soon-to-be graduate from the Interior Decorating program at Humber College. I also have a Degree in Fine Arts History, English Literature and Geography.

Well....enough about my education and now about my interests. My true love (aside from my husband and daughter) is DESIGN and anything else related to it. I love anything that makes a statement and expresses originality. I also have a passion for music, fashion, dance, cooking and baking....I guess it's safe to assume that I will be talking mostly about these topics.

The very first time I was introduced to the world of blogging was through a movie which I'm sure many of you have seen...Julie & Julia. I think ever since then, I've been entertaining this concept of blogging but I guess I never really had the time to start one. Well....here it is....my long awaited blog. I hope to make this as interesting and as entertaining as possible...until next time :0)